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One of the essential components in Android smartphones and tablets is RAM. On this memory depends to a great extent that the operation of the applications and the operating system itself is the best possible. If you want to have good control and management of this element, it is not a bad idea to have a development that achieves this in a simple as well as efficient way. An example is RAM Booster Extreme Speed.

RAM Booster

This work for the development of Google has a very clear objective: to get the RAM that is installed in the terminal of the largest possible game when working. For this, what you are looking for is to eliminate everything you think is superfluous for the device in question to work. Thus, this is eliminated and, therefore, as much RAM as possible is left free so that the operation offered is really efficient. And, broadly speaking, this is achieved without much trouble.

Sounds good right? Well, the truth is that this is a job that is specially designed for terminals that do not have a large amount of memory that we are talking about since the most powerful models that exist today and that exceed 4 GB do not have many problems to be able to do everything without the help of anyone (but a little push once in a while doesn’t hurt). The case is that in what has to do with the use of RAM Booster Extreme Speed ​​what can be said is good since you simply have to press the bottom button called Boost and the work is done automatically. This is how this development works which, unfortunately, is not translated.

Regarding stability when working, the truth is that we have not found any problems even in models that have a very fair processor, four cores, and with a quantity of RAM that is not exactly very large (a couple of gigs ). The case is that we have not perceived failures in the operation of phones or tablets once it is used. Of course, we recommend that you disable Internet access when using the software we are talking about, since this way you are much more secure regarding its efficiency.

Using the RAM Booster Extreme Speed ​​App

Well, when working with the application we are talking about, we have detected that what it does to a great extent is to close applications that are not marked as a system and that keeps working in the background. This is effective, there is no doubt, and allows the device to function optimally at the end of the use process. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to use this work just before running games. Of course, with some customizations, such as MIUI and EMUI, sometimes you have certain problems to leave everything perfectly as they are above RAM Booster Extreme Speed. Therefore, they do not allow you to access everything that is working.

A nice detail is that the optimization process does not take long to finish, so everything is completed in a matter of seconds. And this is so for both the management of RAM and the tasks that are active on the device … where, to our surprise, some do not appear as running and therefore go unnoticed. Important to note that a section is also included where you can see the amount of storage that is occupied. Nothing can be done about it, so we are talking about informational data. That, yes, if they are worrisome, they may indicate that it is time to start removing images or installed applications.

4 Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Windows

Technology is advancing rapidly and computer components are affected by this. Files are getting bigger and bigger, taking up more disk space, so sooner or later we all get to a point where our computer can’t store more data. This situation is more common if you have an SSD, which although they are faster and more efficient, their high cost means that we buy one with a lower capacity than if it were a normal hard disk where GB is cheaper.

Storage Space In Windows

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Uninstalling unused applications is a good solution to free up disk space without having to get rid of your files. To do this go to the Windows Control Panel and look for the Uninstall a program section. In the next window, you will have a list of everything installed. Review and locate the programs you don’t use. Of course, you have to be careful because there are some things that are installed that seem to be unnecessary but are really important to the system, such as video or audio drivers, or the software that the touchpad of your laptop. Make sure you are not removing necessary components.

Clean Temporary Files

The more we use the computer, each program stores data of all kinds that take up valuable space, and that over time can reach a substantial size, especially your web browser. The fastest way to clean temporary files from the entire system is by using a tool that does it for us. It could be done manually but it takes too long and it is a tedious process. A very good application for this is the popular CCleaner, it is free and allows you to delete all kinds of junk files that accumulate on your PC in just a few clicks.

Disk Cleanup

Windows includes some tools to maintain the system. You can use Disk Cleanup if you don’t want to install third-party tools, just type “free” in the start menu and you can directly access it. If you right-click on the icon of your hard drive in Windows Explorer and go to the properties, you can also access this tool.

This allows you to delete temporary internet files, recycle bin files, system error files, and various others. You just choose what you want to delete and wait for the program to end.

Upload your files to the cloud or use an additional disk

If you have files that you want to keep but are not constantly using, you can use a cloud storage service to back them up and free up space easily. This is an excellent idea for photos and videos that take up a lot of disks but you don’t want to lose. If you don’t fully trust the cloud, you can buy a portable hard drive to store everything you don’t need to have on hand on your computer, and if you have a desktop PC it’s a good idea to buy an additional large-capacity hard drive just to back up records.

Best Free Educational Apps for Toddlers

They have only been back to class for a few weeks and some children already have harder days than adults at work. But they also need some support, either to do homework, with a specific subject, to better organize their ideas, study for exams, organize and prepare extra-school classes.

Free Educational Apps

While technology has served to lighten backpacks, pulling out a few books in favour of tablets or online lessons, it also serves to help young people manage their time and tasks (in addition to getting more out of devices). Here we present a series of school applications that will make the daily life of children (and some parents) more bearable, leaving more time free of obligations.

My Study Life

This app allows you to write down tasks, exams, classes or activities in an easy-to-use and quick to view interface. One of the main advantages of this application is that it is multi-platform and can be synchronized on different devices. Thus, whether the student is using the smartphone, the tablet or the computer, they will be able to access their personal area and see what their homework is, what they have to study, when is the next instalments of work … It is free and available for iOS, Firefox and Android.

iStudiez Lite

This application allows you to organize schedules, assignments and everything related to the student’s daily life. A very positive point of this app is that it sends notifications as a reminder so that nothing is overlooked. iStudiez has a free and a paid version, iStudiezPro (€ 2.99) that synchronizes with all existing applications between Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch. and a Windows PC. It has a disadvantage, and that is that it is only available for iOS and OS X devices.


This tool is basically useful for two functions, organize and create. We can create mind maps to organize ideas, concepts, outline the topics to study, structure and assign group work, etc. It also serves to help us to be more creative, to open our minds to new ideas by visualizing the concepts and helping in the generation of contributions: you can insert images, videos, URLs, icons, assess the priority of each item, mark the phase it is in each job … When you have your map drawn, you can create a slide show with it (in true Prezi style). The free version fulfils all these functions and is available via the web and for iOS and Android devices.

Do you need a review?

Other students need, more than support in the management of their time and in the organization of their tasks, extra help with some specific subjects. For this, we can resort to private teachers or, if the need is not so great, to school applications and tools in specific subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics or languages that provide another way of understanding the concepts, other explanations and examples to reinforce what has been learned in class.