The Most Curious Internet Domains

Internet domains are used, among other things, to know what a website is about. There are some very popular and others are rather curious or interesting. The Internet attracts attention for many reasons. Its design, its operation, all the content it covers, its multiple utilities, how fast it evolves in a matter of months or years, its infinite possibilities.

One of its most striking features has to do with domains. The domain name is the address we see and/or write to access a website. Actually, we should write a combination of numbers, what we know as IP. Domains make it easy for us since it is less complicated to memorize the name of a website than its IP address.

In addition to the domain name as such, we see two or three letters at the end of that address. The most popular ones are COM, NET, EDU or ORG, but there are them in great quantities since practically every country or region has its own. The curiosity is that in some cases, its original use is mixed with that of certain companies or websites. Let’s see some examples.


Let’s go in alphabetical order. Following that order, the first domain name we found is AC. In principle, it is intended to identify pages and websites related to Ascension Island.

Ascension Island is a volcanic island that you will find in the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Georgetown, it belongs to the United Kingdom and has 806 inhabitants. Its official website is Ascension Island finished at

The curious thing is that the AC domain is used more for the academic field, in academic English. Hence if you come across pages finished in AC point they surely have to do with students, academics, etc.


The first thing that comes to mind when we see the FM acronym is Frequency Modulation. Precisely, it is the most widespread use for the Internet FM domain. There are examples all over the world.

But curiously, the original use of the FM domain was for web pages based or related to Micronesia, a subregion that encompasses islands such as Guam, the Marshall Islands, etc. Close to New Guinea, in the Pacific Ocean, Micronesia encompasses islands with a total population of 340,000 inhabitants.


The TK domain became very popular a few decades ago because it was free. It was and still is, so those who have a limited budget and simply want to have a domain for their personal page, opt for the TK point.

Its most widespread use refers to web pages, usually personal, that use their own server. However, its original use was to identify Tokelau related pages and websites.

Tokelau is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that depends on New Zealand. It has 14,000 inhabitants and consists of 125 islets, most of them uninhabited.

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