Together Everyone Achieves More, which is why we partner with organizations that are just as passionate about employment equity as we are. 

Learn more about our partners below.  Want to partner with us?  Email us. 


PDXWIT (PDX Women in Tech)

PDXWIT is a community-based non-profit organization. Their purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering: educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities. PDXWIT is a unifying a supportive environment for current and potential women in tech, all of whom are committed to helping each other. Their goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers.  this is our step toward reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.

PDXWIT events and programming will immediately connect you with brilliant and courageous women in the tech community. Register for their next event here! 

Trans and non-binary people are always welcome at PDXWIT events.



ChickTech is a nonprofit dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers.  

ChickTech facilitates hands-on technology-centric events to empower, support, and increase the confidence of women and girls.  Through our events, ChickTech builds community, empowers participants to see themselves as leaders, and provides networking and mentoring opportunities in the rapidly growing high tech industry.


Urban League of Portland - Urban Tech Jobs Program

The Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) is an accelerated technology training program that is exclusively designed for unemployed and underemployed adults. The program is customized for each individual based on experience and career goals. Program graduates will be able to compete for jobs in a high demand and growing industry.

Employers often have a difficult time finding qualified and skilled workers. UTJP bridges that gap by collaborating with hiring companies to design and offer training for the jobs they need filled.


Women Who Code PDX

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers by creating a global, connected community of women in technology. 

Events include: Monthly Networking Nights, Study Nights (JavaScript, React, DevOps, Design + Product, Big Data), Technical Workshops, Community Events (Women Who Strength Train, Happy Hours, etc.), Free or discounted tickets to conferences.



Knuckleheads is a full service, idea-to-app store mobile shop, based in Portland, OR offering UI / UX design, native iOS and Android development, and more.  

As our technology development partner, the teams at Knuckleheads is integral to the success and ongoing development of the ScoutSavvy apps for web, iOS, and Android.