Best Free Educational Apps for Toddlers

They have only been back to class for a few weeks and some children already have harder days than adults at work. But they also need some support, either to do homework, with a specific subject, to better organize their ideas, study for exams, organize and prepare extra-school classes.

Free Educational Apps

While technology has served to lighten backpacks, pulling out a few books in favour of tablets or online lessons, it also serves to help young people manage their time and tasks (in addition to getting more out of devices). Here we present a series of school applications that will make the daily life of children (and some parents) more bearable, leaving more time free of obligations.

My Study Life

This app allows you to write down tasks, exams, classes or activities in an easy-to-use and quick to view interface. One of the main advantages of this application is that it is multi-platform and can be synchronized on different devices. Thus, whether the student is using the smartphone, the tablet or the computer, they will be able to access their personal area and see what their homework is, what they have to study, when is the next instalments of work … It is free and available for iOS, Firefox and Android.

iStudiez Lite

This application allows you to organize schedules, assignments and everything related to the student’s daily life. A very positive point of this app is that it sends notifications as a reminder so that nothing is overlooked. iStudiez has a free and a paid version, iStudiezPro (€ 2.99) that synchronizes with all existing applications between Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch. and a Windows PC. It has a disadvantage, and that is that it is only available for iOS and OS X devices.


This tool is basically useful for two functions, organize and create. We can create mind maps to organize ideas, concepts, outline the topics to study, structure and assign group work, etc. It also serves to help us to be more creative, to open our minds to new ideas by visualizing the concepts and helping in the generation of contributions: you can insert images, videos, URLs, icons, assess the priority of each item, mark the phase it is in each job … When you have your map drawn, you can create a slide show with it (in true Prezi style). The free version fulfils all these functions and is available via the web and for iOS and Android devices.

Do you need a review?

Other students need, more than support in the management of their time and in the organization of their tasks, extra help with some specific subjects. For this, we can resort to private teachers or, if the need is not so great, to school applications and tools in specific subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics or languages that provide another way of understanding the concepts, other explanations and examples to reinforce what has been learned in class.