Your Best Memories In The Form Of Photographs

How many photos do you keep on your phone? How many of them have you actually looked at more than once? Zyl wants to take advantage of your abandoned photos. From Paris, the city of love and good memories comes an application for iPhone and Android that has the noble purpose of giving value to the photos you keep on your phone to recover your best moments.


Taking a photo with your smartphone is so easy that sooner or later the memory fills with photos and videos that you won’t even remember having taken. For the most part, memories doomed to oblivion, since you have rarely reviewed that content and much less shared it on social networks, or if you did, you never looked at it again.

But instead of cleaning those abandoned photos, Zyl offers you to share your memories by sending those images to your friends and vice versa in order to create private shared albums with abandoned photos that you will not stop seeing now.

Do you remember that day?

Zyl’s proposal is simple, but therein lies its potential. It is about rescuing the photos that you keep on your iPhone or Android and sharing them among friends to remember a memorable day, an excursion, an unforgettable trip or a celebration of the anniversary.

Similar to the options offered by Google Photos on Android and Apple’s own Photos app for iPhone and iPad, the process is automatic. Thus, every day you will see new memories in the form of photographs from their metadata.

The next step will be to decide if you want to share those photos with your friends. For their part, they will be able to enlarge the memory album through their own images, a perfect excuse to discover something forgotten by gathering the photographs of your entire group of friends.

The only requirement to enjoy Zyl is to have the app installed and that your friends install it in turn to be part of the generated albums.

Memories in private

Although the app aims to be as simple as possible, it is very practical. For starters, photos can be viewed separately or through an animated slideshow. In addition, you can edit the displayed content, as a creator, and when you see it, you will have the possibility to send emojis to show what those images produce for you.

Zyl is free and does not display advertising. On the way between Instagram or Facebook but for a small group of users, that is, for private use. With this app, you will make sense of those gigabytes of photos that, instead of deleting them, you can recover to remember good times in the company of your friends.